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*1976 in Basel, Switzerland. Lives and works in Vienna.

2006 - 2012 Fine and Media Arts/Painting (Johanna Kandl), University of Applied Arts Vienna.
1998 - 2002 Formation Scene Painter, Theater Basel, School of Design Zurich.

1993 - 1994 Basics in Design (Vorkurs A), School of Design Basel.

Exhibitions/Projects (selection)


  • Installation: "Als Fluc bezeichnetes Objekt" in the "Kubatur des Kabinetts". Curator: Sigfried Zaworka, Ursula Maria Probst. Opening: Wed. 7. April. 


  • Set: "Oedipe (George Enescu), University Mozarteum, Salzburg Festival, Vienna Philarmonic. show: 10. Aug, 4pm.

  • Participation:  FOTO "Sun's always shining" - Atelier Rundgang Q202, Glockengasse 7, Vienna, opening 5th Apr, 6pm.


  • Participation: "IN-SIGHT: The Canaletto View"" - Oberes Belvedere, opening 28. June,Vienna. show: 29.06-14.10.2018.

  • Wallpainting, Hoppe Architects, Stubenring 4,  Vienna.


  • Participation: Alte Hühner, gute Suppe, "Money Maker" - Atelier Rundgang Glockengasse 7, Q202, opening: 7th Apr, Vienna.


  • "Perform Painthink" - Happening at the Workshops of Art For Art Theaterservice, Arsenal Objekt 19, Vienna. 25th June.

  • "Artist Run" - performance at Pablo Chiereghin's 10 min. pop up exhibition for "10 Jahre KUNSTZELLE Fest" at WUK, Vienna. 6th June.


  • Participation in the exhibition: "Revers de Trompe" Xhibit, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna. Curator: Siegfried Zaworka. Opening: 1st Oct, 02.10.-08.11.2015.


  • Project involvement: "Hofburg: A piece (art-) history!" Red Carpet - Showroom, Karlsplatz / Opening: Federal President Heinz Fischer, Imperial Palace, Presidential Chancellery, Vienna, National Day October 26, 2014.


  • Diploma exhibition: "Imitation", University of Applied Arts Vienna, Opening: 22.01.2013, 23.-26.01.2013.


  • Participation in the exhibition: "Caution breakable glass # 3," Gallery Geyling, Vienna, in cooperation with the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Opening: 11.10.2012, 12.10.-13.11.2012.

  • Solo show: "Open House 2012", University of Applied Arts, Vienna, New building, 6th floor, right corridor, space 1, 24.01.2012.


  • Participation in the exhibition: "Caution breakable glass # 2", Gallery Geyling, Vienna, in cooperation with the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Opening: 13.10.2011, 14.10.-16.11.2011.


  • Participation in the exhibition: "Fundamentalism and Human Rights", Heiligenkreuzerhof, Vienna, opening: Alice Schwarzer 29.09.2009.

  • Participation in the exhibition: "The Essence` 09 ", Expositur Vordere Zollamstraße 3, University of Applied Arts, Vienna, Opening: 25.06.2009, 26.06.-15.07.2009.

  • Project involvement: "Funding Factory", Open Space, Vienna, curator: Sophie Hope. Opening: 07.05.2009, 08.05.-30.05.2009.


  • Solo show: "Tektonisoz", Hoppe Architects, Vienna, opening: Thomas Hoppe, 17.05.2008.


  • Exhibition with Marie-Alice Schultz and Ramona Proyer: "Junker 07", MAK Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art, Vienna, opening: 17/11/2007.

  • Participation in the exhibition: "The Essence '07", MAK Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art, Trabant Fluc, Vienna, Opening: 28.06.2007, 29.06.-15.07.2007.

  • Participation in the exhibition: "Cross Borders" Masc Foundation, Vienna, Opening: 19.04.2007, 20th-28.04.2007.

  • Exhibition with Julia Faber, "Early Birds" OpenHouse 2007, University of Applied Arts, Vienna, opening: 28/03/2007.


  • Participation in the exhibition: "The artists from the Arsenal," Art for Art, decoration workshops, Austrian Federal Theaters, opening: 24.06.2005.


  • Solo show: "Translation", Theater Spielraum, Vienna, October 2002 - January 2003.



  • Wall imitation: LUISA KASALICKY ''Tiefschlaf in der Stadt'', Galerie nächst St. Stephan, opening: 4th February, 7pm.


  • Framing photos, "Neither Mouse Neither Human", Lina Albrikiene, Solo show, Forum Stadtpark Graz, opening: 25th July, 7pm.


  • Picture Gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, "Revers de Trompe" Xhibit, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Curator: Siegfried Zaworka. Opening 01/10/2015.


  • Scenography: "7 Deadly Sins" stage: Sarah Haas, Tyrolean Festival Erl, Premiere 11/26/2014.

  • Scenic employees: "Nah am Text", Johanna Kandl, Cathedral Museum Wien, Opening 09/10/2014.


  • Scenic collaboration: "Mit Vorsatz", Johanna Kandl, literature Passage MuseumsQuartier Wien, Opening 09/10/2013.

  • Stage: Kling Klang "In the Garden", Metallener Hall, Musikverein Wien, Vienna, 04.-06.09.2013 and the Brucknerhaus Linz, Linz, 15th-16.7.2013.

  • Scenic intervention: "Password: bühne2" Wiener Philharmoniker, Gläserner Saal / Magna Auditorium, Musikverein Wien, Vienna, 17.03.2013.


  • Stage: "Cipollino" Kinderzelt Wiener Staatsoper, Vienna, 08.-09.12.2012.


  • Performance: "The Human Market", Nicole Prutsch, Ragnarhof, Vienna.


  • "Experience home from top / Suffer Vienna from below" image-text project workgroup Ferdinand Schmatz, - Cosmopolitan impulses. The integration in Vienna -. Hg .: Peter Sellars, Gerald Bast, Christian Reder, Willi Resetarits. Edition Angewandte Springer Wien - New York of 2010.


  • "Making a Living", Sophie Hope, Austrian Cultural Forum, London, September, 2009.

  • Scenic employees: "Former concentration camp", Helmut & Johanna Kandl, Aflenz / Leibnitz, Steiermark, Austria, of 2009.


  • Scenography: "China Shipping" stage: Ingrid Erb, Theater an der Gumpendorfer Strasse (TAG), Vienna, 14.04.-12.05.2007.


  • Scene painter: Salzburg Festival

  • Since December 2003, scene painter at Art for Art, Theatre Service GmbH, Federal Theatre Holding (State Opera, Volksoper, Burgtheater) Vienna.

Lessons and Workshops


  • Opera-camp: "Oedipe (George Enescu)", Schloss Arenberg, Salzburg. Set: University Mozarteum, Salzburg Festival, Vienna Philarmonic. show: 10. Aug. 2019, 4pm.


  • Workshop: wood marble imitation in the context of the course "Technical basics Contextual Painting II" by Luisa Kasalicky at the Institute of Fine Arts under the direction of Univ.-Prof. Mag. Erwin Bohatsch, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.


  • Lecturer: sign-painting, Zeichenfabrik Vienna.



  • Successful completion of the Diploma Programme Visual Arts: Major in painting with distinction for Magister Artium.


  • Apprenticeship with success as a scene painter with Swiss federal certificate.


  • Special prize for drawing, Baselländische Kantonalbank, Birsfelden BL, Switzerland.

2010 - present

2010 - present

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