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2013, site specific installation

Video PAL 52:00 / 1000 x 525 cm acrylic, cotton, particleboard 

Diploma / University of Applied Arts Vienna




The visual structure of the soil of an area of ​​painting department at the University of Applied Arts as a starting point and template scenic intervention and imitation. About the original linoleum floor a strung with cotton plywood surface is laid. In this hidden under the surface is called a "trompe l'oeil" painted with the help of typical in the theater painting techniques. The movements of the artist which he accomplished while painting the new floor serve as a starting point for a video. This is shown as the artist reproduces these movements in a neutral space again. Apart from using painting "doubled" the bottom is in the otherwise white room the projection of the finished video and seen on a windowsill, a hard copy text.
The quasi "danced" movements of this specific artistic work practices become a counterpoint to the reduced "mimesis" the illusionist illustration of the soil. The seemingly solid basic painting translates into a kinetics which is structured by the processes of their production. The video can also be read as a commentary on the created image. The dance may be a more adequate response to imagery than the spoken or written word.
However, this installation is also a reflection on the professional practice of the artist who is actually working as a scene painter for a long time. The contradiction between the instrumented application painterly techniques in everyday practice a theater workshop and purposeless exercise pictorial Visual Design are visible in this intervention.
The text contained in the space represents a work log that lists the activities of the artist which he carried out in his practice as a theater painter. The chosen for this period begins on the day after filing for diploma brochure of the University (day 1, 3. December 2012) and ends on the last day before the deadline for the written part of the artistic diploma (day 20; 09 January 2013. ).



Boris Manner



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