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2019, Opera-camp

Set design
Big Studio University Mozarteum, Salzburg Festival, Vienna Philharmonic

In cooperation with the Vienna Philharmonic and with the support of the Salzburg Foundation, the American Austrian Foundation (AAF) and the Solway Investment Group

Fearing that a terrible prophecy might be fulfilled, King Laios of Thebes casts out his newborn son Oedipus. He does not grow up with his parents, but the tragedy inevitably takes its course. Oedipus murders his birth father, the king, without recognizing him, saves Thebes from a threat, becomes the ruler himself and – without knowing it – marries his mother, the queen. But that is far from the end of the story. In his opera Œdipe, George Enescu sets the ancient myth to music in a breathtaking way. The questions this story raises are as relevant to people today as they were a thousand years ago: Who am I? Where do I come from? Are we guided by fate or do we have our lives in our own hands?


The Oedipus Opera Camp in cooperation with the Vienna Philharmonic and the Salzburg Festival in the Great Hall of the Mozarteum University in summer 2019.

The stage and costume design has developed on the spatial and temporal framework conditions, on the creative possibilities to realize a concept with the supervisors in the field of visual and media art, as well as on the cooperation with the leading team.

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