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2015, Still Life / trompe l'oeil 

3220 x 5000 cm particleboard, acrylic, oil on canvas (copy after: Samuel van Hoogstraten, 1655, Picture Gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, GG-1406) courtesy the artist, Philips Angel (about 1616 Middelburg - about 1683 Middelburg) Still Life with hunting utensils signed oil on wood Picture Gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna GG-1405, text panels


In cooperation with the Art Gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna


Revers de Trompe, xhibit, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna




Domenico Muehle has seemingly doubled a wall of the Picture Gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna for Revers de Trompe - in a discrepancy between its function as a presentation area of old paintings, and the reference to an existing wall elsewhere. He copied not only a painting Samuel van Hoogstraten, but also the already in the 17th century applied display of supposedly embedded in the wall wall cabinet.


(Exhibition text: Markus Proschek)




About the reading of Jean Baudrillard to seduction by Hyper simulation a group of contemporary artists approaches again the old theme, being integrated as a clamp a Dutch still lifes of the 17th century, who Domenico Muehle faces a copy of Samuel van Hoogstraten, another relevant deception work of the Gemäldegalerie.

The whole gray painted wall simulated additionally the situation of exhibiting in a museum situation of the Academy of Fine Arts next door. The copy is recessed into the wall, converted to deceptive wall box in historical private houses, but the question of transformations brings even more with it. There is also the academic teaching aspect of copies at the house itself, where until the 20th century, the Art Gallery and the many casts were availed. ...


(Source: Brigitte Borchhardt-Birbaumer, Friday, October 2, 2015, feuilleton, Wiener Zeitung)




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